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Victorian-styled wedding altar
Shabby-chic deconstructed chair
Red bohemian rug
Purple velvet decorative pillow
Multi colored bohemian pillow
Cream and pink decorative throw pillow
Vintage coffee table with hand painted pastel floral designs
Vintage end table with hand painted pastel floral and gold details
Multi colored boho pillow
Bohemian throw pillow with pink and orange poms
Multi colored geometric pillow
Geometric patterned pillow, blue and red with black tassels
Multi colored decorative bohemian pillow
"Maize" Pillow
Bohemian cream and gold pillow with fringe, sequins, and pom-poms
Distressed vintage decorative door
Moroccan pouf in the desert
Large bohemian pillow for wedding lounge areas
Black and white fringe pillow
Vintage gold and black frame
Bronze and ivory beaded pillow
Vintage green door, Alice in Wonderland style
World globes
“Yellow Ribbon” Tray Table
Boho pillow with fringe
Cream and black pillow with pom poms
"Bahor" Rug | DIM 3'7" x 6'2"
"Aster" Rug | DIM 4'0" x 6'7"
"Serafina" Rug | DIM 5'3" x 8'6"
"Kona" Rug | DIM 9'0" x 12'0"
Vintage Tablecloths | QTY 12
"Kai" Rug | DIM 2'4" x 6'5"
"Mateo" Rug | DIM 2'4" x 6'9"
"Sura" Rug | DIM 3'7" x 6'3
"Tamar" Rug | DIM 3'7" x 6'7"
"Karima" Rug | DIM 3'10" x 6'0"
"Jada" Rug | DIM 3'8" x 7'2"
"Sahara" Rug | DIM 3'5" x 5'9"
"Amarah" Rug | DIM 4'2" x 6'7"
"Rajaa" Rug | DIM 5'0" x 9'8"
"Hanna" Rug | DIM 5' x 10'
"Durante" Door
"Moses" Pillow
"Mountain High" Backdrop
"Ice Cream" 4' Sign
"Antheia" Terra-cotta Vases | QTY: 36
"Jemina" Rug | DIM 3'9" x 6'8"
"Evona" Rug | DIM 3'9" x 6'7"