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Pink velvet French chairs
Pink velvet wing-back chairs
Pink Victorian settee
Pink velvet French chair photo shoot
Cream and pink decorative throw pillow
“Burlesque” Chair
Multi colored bohemian pillow
“Gone With the Wind” Victorian Sofa
Multi colored boho pillow
Matching pink vintage doors wedding backdrop
Bohemian throw pillow with pink and orange poms
Multi colored geometric pillow
Pink beaded embellished pillow
"Daya" Rug | DIM 3'7" x 5'7"
"As Time Goes By" Sofa
"Cora" Pillows | QTY 2
“As Time Goes By” Chair
"Nova" Leather Pouf
"Blush" Candlestick Holders | QTY 14
"Audrey" Door Yellow
"Hanna" Rug | DIM 5' x 10'
"Kandy" Pillows | QTY 2
"Zaidee" Rug | DIM 3'1" x 10'3"
"Lunara" Rug | DIM 4' x 8'4"
"Royanna" Rug | DIM 4'3" x 11'
"Remi" Pillows | QTY 2
"Emree" Rug | 4' x 6'4"
"Nalani" Rug | 5'2" x 8'2"


A collection of pink wedding rentals & pink vintage rentals. Pink rentals include pink sofas, pink chairs, pink pillows, and dreamy pink rental decor.