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"Mercury" Candlestick Holders | QTY 24
"La Petite" Candlestick Holders | QTY 40
"Beloved" Candlestick Holders | QTY 36
"Gold Circle" Backdrop
"Gold Triangle" Backdrop
“Sweet Pea” Grand Candlestick Holders | QTY 9
“Cupid” Gold Mirror Tables | QTY 2
“Dream Lover” Gold Mirror Table
"Woodstock" Wood Tables | QTY 2
"Oriental" Wood Stands | QTY 2
"Industrial" Wood Stands | QTY 2
"Reclaimed" Wood Bowls | QTY 4
"Odette" Pillows | QTY 2
"Hazel" Pillows | QTY 2
"Alice" Pillows | QTY 2
"Rockwell" Vase | QTY 12
"Kendra" Pillows | QTY 2
8"x10" Brass Table Frames | QTY 4
5"x7" Brass Tri-Fold Frame
5"x7" Brass Folding Frames | QTY 3
8"x10" Brass Folding Frame
"How Sweet It Is" Bamboo Table
"Hex" Table
"Jemina" Rug | DIM 3'9" x 6'8"
"Evona" Rug | DIM 3'9" x 6'7"
"Mira" Rug | DIM 4'7" x 6'9"
"Zina" Rug | DIM 3'3" x 7'
"Razi" Rug | DIM 3'8" x 7'1"
"Malik" Rug | DIM 3'9" x 11'2"
"Walking on Sunshine" Chair
"Renaissance" Terra-cotta Vases | QTY: 15
"Island" Vases | QTY: 18
"Island" Vases | QTY: 18
From $2.50 - $3.50
"Nile" Vases | QTY: 8
"White" Milk Glass Candlestick Holders | QTY 9
"Clear" Glass Candlestick Holders | QTY 18
“Sweet Pea” Brass Vases | QTY 29
"Baby Mine" Baby Doll Buggy
"Summer Nights" Table
"Sweet Child O' Mine" Children's Set
"Lean on Me" Bamboo Table
"Zaidee" Rug | DIM 3'1" x 10'3"
"Lunara" Rug | DIM 4' x 8'4"
"Jericho" Rug | DIM 4'5" x 5'9"
"Rawnie" Rug | DIM 5' x 9'4"
"Royanna" Rug | DIM 4'3" x 11'
"Ellmeria" Rug | DIM 2'2" x 7'9"
"Aida" Rug | DIM 3'4" x 5'2"
"Nura" Rug | DIM 3'7" x 6'4"


At Utah Vintage Rentals, we know you have enough to do, so let us assist you in planning rentals and decor for your wedding or event! Whether you’re looking for an antique sofa rental for your engagement photo shoot or a lovely display rental set for your wedding or reception, we are here to help create the exquisite decor rental vision you have always imagined. We offer vintage furniture rental and wedding rentals in Utah for photo-shoots, wedding, and reception vintage rental decor. In Utah, seasons change quickly; as such, it can be tough to find the perfect furniture rentals. However, we offer rental items and for all seasons! So no matter what time of year you need rentals for your Utah event, we are sure to have the perfect decor rentals for your occasion.

We believe that beauty is meant to be shared. That is why we want to provide you with the most spectacular rental decorations and displays. We specialize in Utah wedding rentals, as the majority of our clients are soon-to-be brides. We offer many antique and vintage furniture items available for rent at your upcoming wedding or reception. Our deepest desire is to provide a wide range of wedding rental items, keeping in mind that each furniture rentals are as different and unique as each our lovely clients. We feel confident in our wedding rental selection and believe we offer rental furniture for all different personality and decorating styles.