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“Revoir Paris” Trunk


1 piece trunk rental collection

“Revoir Paris” trunk. What is it about vintage trunks and antique chests that make us swoon? The history and character of the “Revoir Paris” Trunk brings a whole lot of charm to the table (yes, pun intended). This darling antique trunk is a treasure we were ecstatic to collect. It has been refurbished in a charming cream color, and perfectly distressed. As pictured, this antique trunk makes a darling coffee table or side table for lounge areas.


24″ Height x 39″ Length x 22″ Width


Revoir Paris

“Bonjour la vie, bonjour mon vieux soleil
Bonjour ma mie, bonjour l’automne vermeil
Je suis un enfant, rien qu’un enfant tu sais
Je suis un petit Français, rien qu’un enfant
Tout simplement… Paris”

“Hello life, hello my old sun
Hello my dear , hello autumn
I am a child , nothing but a child you know
I am a little French, just a child
Simply… Paris”

– Charles Trenet

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