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“Wanderlust” Wood Centerpieces | QTY 150+



2 huge bins (90 gal. total) of pure rustic heaven

“Wanderlust” wood centerpieces. Are you searching for wood centerpieces to set a truly romantic feel for your event or wedding? The “Wanderlust” wood centerpieces have endless possibilities to create just the right mood. Whether you’re going for an enchanted woodland, bohemian, or country chic look, these wood centerpieces are just dreamy. Rent all 150 pieces for $100. 12+ of each size.


Style I: 4″-5″ Wide x 2″-3″ Height, Quantity: 12+
Style II: 4″-5″ Wide x 3.5″-4.5″ Height, Quantity: 12+
Style III: 4″-5″ Wide x 7″-11″ Height, Quantity: 12+
Style IV: 2.5″-3.5″ Wide x 1″-1.5″ Height, Quantity: 60+, PPU: .50¢ ea
Style V: 3″ Wide x 6″-7″ Height, Quantity: 12+
Style VI: 5″-6″ Wide x 4.5″-7″ Height, Quantity: 12+
Style VII: 12″-13″ Wide x 1″-5″ Height, Quantity: 12+, PPU: $3.00 ea.

Assorted set of 200 pieces: $200



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