~ Accepting self transportation reservations only in 2024 ~


1. Read this FAQ's page for compliance (✓)
2. Select rental items (we know, it's so hard to narrow down!) & check with us on availability by requesting a quote
3. Determine whether delivery services or self pickup/drop-off (will-call) is available & which is best for you - more info below
4. Sign the "Rental Vows" (Rental Agreement).
5. Pay deposit. A non-refundable 50% deposit is requested to secure your reservation. Remaining deposit is due no later than 2 weeks prior to rental date
6. Enjoy our rental treasures!

Not yet! Right now we are an online store only. Our warehouse is unavailable to the public, however, all rentals can be viewed on our fabulous website! We do our best to provide an accurate representation of our rental products via photos and descriptions. 

Yes, we do have a delivery fee which is separate from the rental fee. Our delivery services are assessed based on mileage, ease of access, items & quantity of items rented, as well as requested services. We ask for a specific address and rental list to provide the most accurate quote.

• $500 rental minimum for delivery services to Utah County

• $700 rental minimum for delivery services to Salt Lake City

• We are currently not delivering outside of Utah County & Salt Lake County

We allow self transportation services for most small items and, on occasion, larger items at our discretion. This is an option we grant responsible clients who sincerely vow to take the utmost care of our furniture. All will-call items must be transported in an enclosed vehicle or trailer. We do not charge extra for this service, however, we do require a Security Deposit which includes a $50 “late-fee deposit”. These fees/deposits are refundable once our items are returned on time, clean, and in good condition. If the items are returned late, dirty, or damaged, you may forgo all (or a portion) of your deposit/fee, depending on the circumstances.

Please bring enough individuals to transport the furniture/rentals to your vehicle. Utah Vintage Rentals does not supply moving supplies for self transportation. You are responsible to supply moving blankets, tie downs, etc.

The "Cinderella" rule: If you are approved for self transportation and have an event that goes through Saturday night, you must return all rental items before 10:30 PM Saturday evening for a single day rental fee. If you are unable to return by 10:30 PM, you may request a late-night drop-off (for an additional fee) or opt for a 'weekend rental' to return the items on Monday morning (discounted second-day).

• $150 rental minimum

Yes! Contact us for more information & special pricing.

Not yet! As of now, our items are rented “à la carte”.

No; this is the one day of the week the hubby and I take off! Xo.

Our items are charged per 24-hour rental. Weekends are no exception. However, don't fret if your event is longer than a 24-hour period! We offer discounts for multiple day rentals - woohoo!

We get this question a lot! At this time, we do not ship our decor items out of state. Thank you for understanding!