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“I Can Hear the Bells” Sign In Desk


1 piece sign in desk

"I Can Hear the Bells" sign in table & wedding altar. What bells, you say? The wedding bells of course!? What better way to say your wedding vows then across this exquisite vintage wedding altar! Such a moment in your life deserves true perfection, down to the very last detail. Truly, you will never find an alter quite like this, with its fine details and polished look. It also serves wonderfully as a sign in table for displaying your guestbook. There couldn't be a more perfect way to greet your closest friends and family.


48″ Width x 43″ Height


I Can Hear the Bells

“And I can hear the bells, my head is spinning
I can hear the bells, something’s beginning
Everybody says that a girl who looks like me
Can’t win his love, well, just wait and see
‘Cause I can hear the bells, just hear them chiming
I can hear the bells, my temperature’s climbing
I can’t contain my joy
‘Cause I finally found the boy I’ve been missing
Listen, I can hear the bells”

– Hairspray

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