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"A Million Dreams" Votives | QTY 34
"Stardust" Votives | QTY 45+
"Daisy" Gold Tins | QTY 45
"Silvery Moon" Votives | QTY 45+
Geometric lantern with tea light
"Wonderful Life" Vase Short | QTY 30
"Wonderful Life" Vase Tall | QTY 30
"Venice" Gold Budvases | QTY 60
"Bermuda" Blue Glass Vases | QTY: 24
"Sage" Blue Vase | QTY: 20
"Antheia" Terra-cotta Vases | QTY: 36
"Renaissance" Terra-cotta Vases | QTY: 15
“Sweet Pea” Brass Vases | QTY 35
"Fern" Vase | QTY 32
"Nile" Vases | QTY: 8
"Cedar" Vase | QTY 34
"Island" Vases | QTY: 18
"Island" Vases | QTY: 18
From $2.50 - $3.50
"Canyon" Vases | QTY: 10
"Canyon" Vases | QTY: 10
From $10.00 - $15.00
"Moscow" Jewel-tone Glass Vase | QTY: 16
"Zodiac" Vase | QTY 20
"Rockwell" Vase | QTY 12
Gold vintage trophy cups
Brass Italian decorative bowl with hanging crystals
"Green Ivy" Lanterns | QTY 3
"Wallflower" Hurricane Vases | QTY 32
"Creme Brulee" Carved Stands | QTY 6
“Wanderlust” Wood Centerpieces | QTY 150+


Utah Vintage Rentals is here to help create the exquisite Utah event decor rental vision you have always imagined. Our details and wedding decor rentals are a perfect way to add that final “cherry on top”. Whether you’re looking for Utah wedding rental decorations or wedding decor centerpieces, we have a variety of candlestick rentals, vases, suitcases, banners, signs, etc. We are happy to provide decorations for Utah weddings and receptions (and everything in between)!

Our decor rentals are ever flourishing and we are always adding new wedding decorations to keep up with trends. Have specific ideas in mind? Let us know & we will do our best to make your wedding decor dreams come true.